In the Luhansk region fired at the farm with civilians

В Луганской области обстреляли хутор с мирными жителями

In the Luhansk region fired at the farm

Five homes have been damaged and require urgent repair. Was also hurt the owner’s dog.

In the Luhansk region was fired at the farm Free, resulting in damaged buildings five residents. On Thursday, November 15, the head of the military and civil administration of Gold and Katerinovka Konstantin Ilchenko on his page in Facebook.

However, he noted that the victims on the farm Free among the civilian population.

According to Ilchenko, the damage is not critical, but the buildings are in need of “immediate repair”.

“Because, having broken Windows and damaged roofs to survive in sub-zero temperatures is impossible. Together with the international organizations solve the problem of providing people with the necessary materials. From the CAA to victims will be provided with the necessary financial assistance, we bring a little bit of household coal, firewood,” – said the head of the CAA.

He added that the shelling injured hunting dog.

“As it turned out, three hundred is still there. This is a hunting dog named Chip. Poor dog received two shrapnel wounds, loaded him into our car and drove to the paramedic. Now he’ll be all right,” said Ilchenko.



We will remind, for the last day, November 14, separatists 16 times opened fire on positions of Ukrainian troops. In five cases, the enemy used weapons prohibited by the accords.

Yesterday it was reported that in Marinka during the attack was wounded a local resident.

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