In the Luhansk region overturned bus: five injured

В Луганской области перевернулся автобус: пять пострадавших

The car was faulty right rear spring.

In the Luhansk region on December 21 overturned bus Volkswagen – injured 5 people, two women and three men. This was reported by press Secretary of the regional police Tatyana Pogukai on the page in Facebook.

The accident occurred on the highway “Chuguev-Melovoe” around 15.00. According to police, the minibus was traveling from the settlement of Belovodsk in the direction of Starobelsk.

The car was faulty right rear suspension spring, besides it was moving too fast. As a result 39-year-old driver lost control. The van left the road and overturned.

Earlier in Selidovsky district of Donetsk region on the unregulated railway crossing mine Kurakhovskaya bus hit by train – four people were injured.