In the Lviv region at the checkpoint with Poland, the border guards found in the car a BB gun

Во Львовской обл. на КПП с Польшей пограничники обнаружили в автомобиле пневматическое ружье

A gun, a photo from archive

The guards found in the car at the checkpoint with Poland, “Rava-Russian” in the Lviv region BB gun. This was reported in the state border service of Ukraine.

It is reported that the minibus Mersedes arrived last night to enter Poland on a lane “green corridor”, they were ruled by a citizen of Ukraine.

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“Given the assessment of the risks, the guards removed the car for further verification and, together with the customs officers examined. In the Luggage compartment of the van was found TYTAN air rifle 4.5 mm caliber and 250 rounds of ammunition for it,” – said in the message.

The offender was prepared the corresponding materials, the weapon is withdrawn.

Recall, KPVV “Marinka” detained a car carrying the uncontrolled territory gun and ammunition.