In the Lviv region for two days, died from hypothermia four

Во Львовской области за двое суток от переохлаждения умерли четверо

All the bodies not found signs of violent death. According to preliminary information, all the deceased died of hypothermia.

In the Lviv region for the last two days of hypothermia, four people died. This was reported in the Department of civil protection of Lviv regional state administration on the morning of Wednesday, January 17.

Since January 15, in the village of Opaka Drohobych area without life signs was found the body of 26-year-old local resident. A local resident, 1957 year of birth of the village Rykhtychi Drohobych district was also found dead. Drogobych street was found the body of a woman, the identity of which has not yet been set. Another body of a local resident (1974) uhers’ko village of Sambir district also was found on the street in the Park.

All the bodies not found signs of violent death, the presumed cause of death was hypothermia.

Earlier it was reported that in three districts of the Transcarpathian region local authorities have launched stationary points of heating, which is located in the premises of hospitals, regional centers and other communal institutions.

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