In the Lviv region saved fell through the ice bison

Во Львовской области спасли провалившегося под лед зубра

The animal flopped feet under the ice and couldn’t get out. At the time of arrival of rescuers the bison was exhausted. The animal pulled out from the canal with a rope.

In S. Zbrui Brody district, Lviv region, rescuers pulled out from-under ice the bison, who fell in the canal with a depth of 3 m.

“Animal feet fell through the ice and independently could not get out. At the time of arrival of rescuers to the place of call bison was already exhausted. Rescuers using a rope pulled the animal to the surface”, – reported in regional management of gschs.

For a long time bison in the canal with water, he suffered from hypothermia and independently couldn’t move. Rescuers brought the straw and overlaid animal to keep warm.

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