In the Lviv region, the driver unleashed a police dog

Во Львовской области водитель натравил на полицейских собаку

The father of the offender distracted the attention of inspectors

The incident took place near the village of zymna Voda. Police officer was hospitalized.

In the Lviv region on Monday night, March 25, at the time of registration the violations of traffic rules on the patrol unleashed dog, one policeman was injured. About it informs the press service of the police region.

The incident took place near the village of zymna Voda.

Police said that the driver of the Skoda international registration for a traffic violation, but the requirement to stop, he fled away.

“The inspectors followed him, and repeatedly warned him about the responsibility of the speaker. The driver was performing dangerous maneuvers on the road, what could cause a traffic accident. Subsequently, the man drove off the highway, started running away on the road, stopped at the house, and closed in the car,” police said.

In a few minutes from the house came a man who introduced himself as the father of the driver, and began to divert the attention of the inspectors. At this time, the car ran the driver-the infringer and went into the house.

“The patrol heard the command “Take” and saw that they dog. The animal lashed out at the inspector and started to bite,” he told police.

The dog’s owner took her to the party only after the police threatened to use a weapon.

The attack dogs, the inspector received multiple lacerations to the legs, he was hospitalized.

Earlier in Odessa region the man first struck the officer, and then sicced his dog on him.

It was also reported that in Lviv, the woman had an argument with a friend and reported him to the police. When on the scene, law enforcement officers arrived, she sicced the dog on them.


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