In the Lvov area in the garden formed a pit with oil to a depth of 17 meters

Во Львовской области на огороде образовалась яма с нефтью глубиной 17 метров

Kopanka oil in Borislav

In Borislav Lviv region in the garden on a private plot of land failed a 17-metre kopanka with oil. It is reported

The hole was formed due to the functioning the city’s chaotic coal mines in the nineteenth century, issues which were paid attention by Ivan Franko.

The owner of the site has Been Leshchenko fears that such “surprises” can present a danger to children and animals. In addition, we can expect new landslides.

“By 1939 all the work carried out in this field, but not documented. Those kopanky in the old days, nobody got. When the oil is exhausted, covered with oak boards, covered with earth and any cartographic materials no lead. So we don’t even know where can be Copanca, and now,” – said the head of the Department of civil protection of the population Borislav city Council Mr Pridon.

In this case, the collapse was caused by erosion of soil after the snow melts. For Borislav similar problem is the system. A similar kopanky can go deep up to 50 m. Also in Boryslav have been documented cases of oil fountains in the backyard.

In future such failures fall asleep, concreted, and on the surface is removed a special tube to prevent accumulation of oil and gas risk of explosion.

As reported in USA derailed a train carrying oil.

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