In the media there is confirmation of the vast salaries of the management of the subsidiary

The media got confirmation of the vast salaries of the management and staff of PJSC “Ukrgasdobycha”. The new management of state-owned companies assigned themselves salaries in the hundreds of thousands, and Chairman of the Board Oleg Prokhorenko gets 1 million hryvnias, reports “Commander in chief”.

Information about salary of a state “Ukrgasdobycha” published Tamrazov in FB.

Chairman of the Board Oleg Prokhorenko gets 1 million 3 thousand hryvnias. Salary Prokhorenko 322 thousand, for the intensity of labor 161 thousand, award for production results 440 thousand for the admission to the state secret 48 thousand and other remuneration.

В СМИ появилось подтверждение миллионных зарплат руководства "Укргаздобычи"

Net salary guide (14 persons) state-owned month without the heads of departments and other employees is 1.9 million UAH, and in fact charges nearly 6 million hryvnias a month.

The Secretary Oleg Prokhorenko gets 44 thousand hryvnias with the salary in 7 thousand hryvnias.

First Deputy Chairman Alexander Romaniuk receives 590 thousand UAH at a salary of 358 thousand, and his Deputy Yuri Nagornyak 486 thousand at a salary of 200.

The average salary of managers of state-owned companies increased by premiums from 200 to 300 percent, depending on the position.

However, such high salaries are not all employees of the “Ukrgasdobycha”. Drivers get 4925, cooks 3280 UAH. The average salary of a senior specialist at the company is 12 thousand hryvnia without a bonus.

Earlier Oleg Prokhorenko claimed he did not receive any additional premiums and co-payments in addition to salary.

It is known that earlier the Prosecutor General’s office of Ukraine opened criminal proceedings against the managers of PJSC “Ukrgasdobycha” in fact of the malpractice in the procurement kolthoom equipment that damages to the state for the sum over 300 million UAH.

Recently, the media also appeared in internal correspondence of the management of PJSC “Ukrgasdobycha” the leaders of the NAC, the Russian advisors to the Chairman of the Board of GWL Prokhorenko and business structures regarding conspiracy in tenders.

In 2015, gas production has fallen by almost 600 million cubic meters to 14.5 bcm oil and gas condensate decreased by 20 thousand tons Production of refined petroleum products fell by 7000 tons Production of liquefied gas fell by 14 000 t. In the end, all the main production indicators in 2015, the company showed deterioration.