In the milky Way found an alien star

В Млечном Пути нашли чужеродную звезду

Alien star located in the Big dipper

One of the stars of the Big dipper, according to the researchers, originated in another galaxy facing our.

The staff of the National astronomical Observatory of Japan put forward the hypothesis that one of the stars of the Big dipper is an alien and was born in another galaxy. According to researchers, part of the milky Way it became after its collision with another galaxy. This writes

Scientists have studied the chemical composition of stars J1124+4535 and identified a very low level of magnesium and a high level of europium. For the stars the milky Way such a combination, according to them, is not typical. However, for nearby dwarf galaxies, it is quite typical.

This discovery gave reason to assume that several billion years ago there was a collision of the milky Way with another galaxy. In the end, the galaxy was completely absorbed , and the star J1124+4535 remains, perhaps, the only reminder of the cataclysm.

It is known that the star was discovered back in 2015, but only now the teachings have information on its composition.

Earlier it was reported that scientists have recorded awake near the Sun is a rare star-a Magnetar.

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