In the milky Way have discovered a huge “exhaust pipes”

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Found “exhaust pipe” of the milky Way

Supermassive black hole at the galactic center emits the excess energy. Overall, found two exhaust channel.

A team of astronomers discovered the milky Way galaxy two exhaust channel, a distance of some 28 thousand light years from Earth. With their help released the excess energy that give life to other stars. This writes

“We assume they are exhaust holes for the entire energy generated in the center of the galaxy,” said mark Morris, Professor of astronomy and astrophysics at the University of California.

All galaxies are giant zvezdoobrazovaniya factories, but their performance may vary widely from one galaxy to another and even within the life of every galaxy.

One of the mechanisms regulating the rate of star formation is the source of matter and energy. And the black hole that hides in the center of the galaxy, plays a role.

“Star formation determines the nature of the galaxy. And that’s what we care about, because stars produce heavy elements, planets and life”, – said the scientist.

To better understand what is happening with this outflow of energy, Morris and his colleagues sent the satellite XMM-Newton of the European space Agency, which registers the cosmic x-ray radiation, to the center of the milky way.

In the end, the researchers found two streams of x-rays – the smokestacks in the center of the galaxy – extending in opposite directions from the center of the galaxy. Each loop begins within 160 light-years from a supermassive black hole and covers more than 500 light years.

Connect the “exhaust pipe” in the area of the Fermi Bubbles, located above and below the center of the galaxy. It is assumed. they work as channels of flow high-speed particles.

This study allows to understand the cause of star formation among galaxies, and the lack of such a process in others.

Earlier it was reported that scientists first became observers of the process of the birth of double stars.

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