In the negative attitude of the Dutch, the Ukrainians blame the corruption – poll

В негативном отношении голландцев украинцы винят коррупцию – опрос

The results of the referendum, the Ukrainians blame the officials.

Corruption of Ukrainian officials described the reason for the negative result of Ukraine referendum on EU Association in the Netherlands 40.4% of the respondents the social research centre “Sofia” of the Ukrainians.

In the opinion of the countrymen, the corruption of Ukrainian authorities discredited the country in the eyes of Europeans, transmit Ukrainian news.

More than a quarter of respondents (26.6 percent) said the cause of the result of the referendum socio-economic and cultural backwardness of Ukraine from EU countries. 8.2% of the explained results the Netherlanders fear that from-for associations will increase the flow of migrants into their country.

7% of respondents explained the results of the referendum activity of Russian propaganda. 6,1% of respondents believe that residents of the Netherlands voted in a referendum not so much against Ukraine, but against the EU. And finally, 3.8% of respondents identified the perpetrators of the Ukrainian diplomats and their work in the presentation of Ukraine before the referendum.

As reported Корреспондент.net, 12 April the election Committee of the Netherlands published the official results of the referendum on ratification of the Association agreement between Ukraine and the EU.

After the publication of the data of the exit polls, Prime Minister of the Netherlands mark Rutte announced that Amsterdam will not be able to continue the ratification process.

And according to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, the referendum in the Netherlands was directed against the unity of Europe and European values.

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