In the Netherlands the father has sold all the property for bitcoins

В Нидерландах многодетный отец продал все имущество ради биткоинов

The man had invested everything I had in bitcoin

The man is sure that adventure will bring him a lot of money.

39-year-old IT-specialist from the Netherlands Didi Taihuttu sold all family property and with the money bought 85 bitcoins. Together with his wife and three daughters, he moved to the campsite and waits for the cryptocurrency boom, writes The Independent.

To get involved with cryptocurrencies the head of the family began in 2010, but he didn’t allow himself to invest big money.

“Now many may think I’m crazy. But just as the Internet has caused an information revolution, blockchain and crypto currency will lead to a revolution in the global financial system. In five years everyone will say: How did we not see this?and I react to the upcoming changes today,” — commented on his postopek Taihuttu.

The publication notes that the adventure of the man found full support of the family and now they are thinking more of what should be abandoned in favor of bitcoin.

Didi Taihuttu suggests that by 2020, bitcoin will grow considerably in price, and his family can return to a normal lifestyle and pay for a decent education for three daughters.

We will remind, on October 12, the first price of the digital currency has updated the historical maximum, breaking the barrier of $5000.