In the Netherlands will grow human embryos for research

В Нидерландах будут выращивать человеческие эмбрионы для исследований

The goal of treatment is the treatment of people who have become infertile.

In the Netherlands, the government announced its intention to allow the cultivation of human embryos in a laboratory for scientific research. So the Minister of health, Edith Shippers stated that it wants “to allow the creation of embryos for research and to give people the opportunity to have healthy children.”

“Research for infertility, artificial reproduction techniques, hereditary and congenital diseases”, – said in a statement.

The aim is also treating people who have become infertile after cancer at an early age.

Prior to that, the Dutch law allowed to conduct tests only on excess embryos remaining after the in vitro fertilization procedure (IVF). It is noted that so-called rule of 14 days whereby you can’t grow embryos in the laboratory for more than two weeks, will continue to be strictly adhered to.

“Until now, a ban on the cultivation of embryos hampered research that can help in the treatment of diseases in the short or medium term”, – said in a statement.

As reported Корреспондент.net, in Japan, scientists have obtained the right to introduce changes into the genome of a human embryo.

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