In the new bill on the GPU reduced requirements to the public Prosecutor, – Alekseev

В новом законопроекте по ГПУ снижены требования к генпрокурору, - Алексеев

In the new bill on the activities of the General Prosecutor’s office and the State Bureau of investigation reduced the requirements for candidacy for the post of General Prosecutor. About it on air of TV channel “112 Ukraine” said one of the co-authors of the bill people’s Deputy from “Popular front” Sergey Alekseev.

“In respect of persons applying for the position of attorney General or by the regional prosecutors, a few extended the range of persons by reducing strap on the qualification requirements. The attorney General: he should have work experience of 5 years (or legislative body, or law enforcement) and to have higher education,” – said Alekseev.

Also in the bill are a couple of innovations – introduction of special correspondence the investigation, which will be judged in absentia for serious crimes of individuals, which are absent in Ukraine.

“The fact is that in the current version the main requirement in respect of special investigations – international investigations, and we know that neither Yanukovych, nor Azarov Interpol is not made in the international search that gives reason not to carry on correspondence with the investigation. We remove the international wanted list, and opens for us the opportunity to conduct investigations in absentia,” he explains.

News on topic: it is Necessary to appoint an acting attorney General and to hold a competition for the position.

The second point is that now the GPU must transmit the investigation to the State Bureau of investigation (RRG), which is not created yet. It is created by decision of the Cabinet, and then a contest for all leadership positions. And since this was not done, the bill postpones the transfer of cases for the year.

We will remind, yesterday the Verkhovna Rada registered a draft law on the activities of the General Prosecutor’s office and the State Bureau of investigation, he identified the President as urgent.

Earlier it was reported that the former people’s Deputy of Ukraine Stepan Kubiv has withdrawn bill No. 4379, who were asked to resolve to appoint the attorney General candidate with no work experience in the Prosecutor’s office. Media speculated that the bill was written specifically to the post of attorney General was able to occupy the chair of the faction “Block of Petro Poroshenko” (BPP) Yuriy Lutsenko.

In the PPB said that the bill will be introduced by the President again to offer Lutsenko on a post of the public Prosecutor.

March 29, Rada gave its consent to the dismissal of the President, the General Prosecutor of Ukraine Viktor Shokin. April 3, Petro Poroshenko has signed the decree about dismissal of the Peloponnese from the post of head of the GPU.