In the new Parliament found 17 truants

В новой Верховной Раде нашли 17 прогульщиков

17 MPs missed 90% of the voting

Nearly two dozen MPs, most of whom are from opsi, registered in the Parliament, but passed a vote without good reason.

Since the beginning of the Parliament of the ninth convocation of 17 MPs missed more than 90% of the votes. It is reported by the Committee of voters of Ukraine on Saturday, 21 September.

Of the 17 deputies-truants 14 are representatives of the faction of the Opposition platform For isnie, 2 – group For the future, 1 – Fatherland.

Thus, almost did not vote in the August-September of Vadim Rabinovich (participated in 1% of the votes), Yuri Malt (2%), Renat Kuzmin (3%), Vadim Stolar (5%), Yuriy Boyko (5%), Viktor Medvedchuk (5%), Yuliya Levochkina (5%), Anton Yatsenko (6%), Grigoriy Surkis (6%), Taras Kozak (6%), Alexander Feldman (6%), Igor Abramovich (6%), Anatoly Urban (6%), Sergei Larin (6%), Serhiy Taruta (7%), Alexander Puzanov (10%), Vitaliy Bort (10%).

These MPs, as a rule, attended meetings of BP, but missed the vote without a valid reason, such as illness or business trip.

Among the leaders of the parliamentary factions participation in the voting are as follows: David Arakhamiya (servant of the people, 79%), Yuriy Boyko (opsi, 5%), Vadim Rabinovich (opsi, 1%), Yulia Tymoshenko (Batkivshchyna, 23%), Arthur Gerasimov (EU, 68%), Irina Gerashchenko (53%), Sergey Rakhmanin (Voice, 56%), Victor Bondar (group For the future, 28%), Taras Batenko (group For the future, 58%).

Only in August-September 15 plenary sessions of the Verkhovna Rada, which had 548 votes.

Recall, September 12, the Rada voted in first reading for a bill which deputies will be deprived of wages for absence from work for more than a third of the plenary meetings of the Parliament or more than half of the meetings of the Committee.

At the same September 3, Rada sent to the constitutional court a draft law for truancy is proposed to deprive deputies of their mandates.


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