In the Nikolaev area broke out a forest fire

В Николаевской области вспыхнул лесной пожар

In the Nikolaev area the forest is on fire

After the liquidation of fire on the area in 100 square meters of forest near the village in Buz’ke SSES began to receive reports of a new fire.

In Service of rescue 101 at 12:37 on Thursday, August 16, citizens have begun receiving calls about the fire in the forest, ZAO Nikitovsky granite quarry in the village of Buz’ke. About it reports a press-t he SES.

The first fire occurred today at 06:50. Its area was 100 sq m, and at 07:40 he was eliminated by the Rangers.

This time, according to eyewitnesses, the fire area was much larger.

Call directed Department of 12 State firefighting and rescue part of head Department gschs of Ukraine, local fire protection, equipment and personnel from the Rangers. To extinguish and joined the locals. For reconnaissance and detection of fires involved a quadcopter.

The results of the exploration revealed two of burning. The approximate total area of 3 hectares.

Addition sent equipment and personnel of the new Odessa and the South Ukrainian garrison. In place of the departed mobile group of head Department gschs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area headed by the leadership.

According to authorities, the situation is controlled. Threat of distribution of fire on settlements located next to, no. The elimination of fire continues.



Earlier, a forest fire broke out in golopristanskiy district, Kherson region.

It was also reported that on 5 June in the Chernobyl exclusion zone there is a fire of dry grass, with subsequent spread of fire in a forest area of about 12 hectares.


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