In the Nikolaev area, poisoned mushrooms four children

В Николаевской области грибами отравились четверо детей

In nikolayevshchina children poisoned by mushrooms found in the woods

Affected from 10 to 11 years.

In Kumari’s village of the Nikolaev area on Tuesday, October 24, four children were poisoned by mushrooms. This was reported by press service of the SSES.

As of 10:55 on 24 October, in rescue service from the on-call physician of Vradiyevsky Central regional hospital the message came about mushroom poisoning 4 children in 2006 and 2007 birth.

It is established that the day before the victims were collecting mushrooms in the local forest, and then baked them on the fire and ate. Soon the health of the children deteriorated.

“Two children (brother and sister) born in 2006 are taken to regional children’s hospital, the condition of patients is satisfactory. Other children, also brother and sister 2006 and born in 2007, located in vradiyevsky TSRB”, – said the press service.

We will remind, earlier in Lviv region, eight people were poisoned by mushrooms, two of them died.