In the North of the Crimea there was a release of hydrogen chloride

На севере Крыма произошел выброс хлороводорода

In 2018 the problems with the ecology in the Crimea arose from the plant Titan

In Sochi have recorded more than fourfold excess of the maximum allowable concentration of hydrogen chloride.

In the cities of Armyansk and Krasnoperekopsk, located at the North of the annexed Crimea exceeded the concentration of chemicals. This is evidenced by the Crimean office of Hydrometeorology and environmental monitoring, the collection of which was made in the period from 4 March to 11 March.

So, in Krasnoperekopsk recorded in the air more than fourfold excess of maximum permissible concentration (MPC) of hydrogen chloride in 4.4 times. The content of carbon monoxide exceeded the regulatory limit of 1.06 times.

In Armyansk also recorded an increase in the content of harmful substances in the air. Thus, the content of carbon monoxide exceeds the maximum permissible concentration of 1.04%, hydrogen fluoride — 1.8 times.

Recall that the release of an unknown substance occurred on the North of the Crimea in the night of August 24. After that, the rooftops and the leaves of the trees appeared patina oil color with a yellowish tint.

Later it became known that the release of contaminants in the air occurred on the Crimean Titan plant.

The situation in the North of Crimea has stabilized after the Titan plant was stopped. However, octave has information about new releases.

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