In the Odessa area near the house of the widow set a tripwire with a grenade

В Одесской области возле дома вдовы установили растяжку с гранатой

The extension was established at the gate of a private house

A year ago, was killed by the husband of the mistress of the house. The woman has repeatedly stated publicly that he knows who the killer is.

A resident of the village of novoselskoe Reni district of Odessa region on Thursday, December 6, found at the gate of his house stretching with the fighting grenade f-1, the press service of the police region.

Law enforcement officers have shields and defused ammunition. In fact criminal case under article about murder threats and illegal weapons possession.

According to the newspaper Dumskaya, the woman also morning received a phone call with the threat of murder.

It is noted that the hostess is the widow of the farmer Peter Caraghiaur, who was killed last year. Previously the victim has repeatedly stated publicly that he knows who killed her husband.

We will remind, about the disappearance of Peter Caraghiaur and Yuri Asari native said at the beginning of October 2017. According to them, the evening of October 7 Peter called from an unknown number and asked to drive on a bypass road to help to repair the wheel. The farmer left, and twenty minutes later the wife called back and said that soon the home will approach people on his car. He needs to give all the money that is in the house. It just happened.

The last time the phone entrepreneur “flashed” about 23 hours of the same day near the village Novosel’skoe. The next day, October 8, relatives of Yuri Asari told the police about his disappearance.

The car is missing the farmer was discovered several days later in the cemetery of the village of Kyrnychky Izmail district.

The bodies of Peter and Yuri found only 26 Dec. The killer buried his victims in a field between the villages of Novosel’skoe and Orlovka Reni district of Odessa region.

According to sources in the police, the murder is linked to the war between the Danubian criminals and the farmers who do not want to pay criminals and to sow in their fields of marijuana.

В Одесской области возле дома вдовы установили растяжку с гранатой


Earlier in Nikopol arrested a man with grenades and drugs.

And in the town of Polonne in Khmelnytskyi region a local resident, tried to blow up three of his friends with a grenade. The man threw the grenade on the target and it exploded near the road, so the fragments are only slightly affected victims.


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