In the Odessa city Council is being searched

В Одесском горсовете проходят обыски

In the Odessa city Council searches

Searches related to the former Vice-mayor of Odessa Vyacheslav Chandrika.

Investigators of the General Prosecutor and the security Service of Ukraine today, October 5, carry out searches in office offices of employees of Department of municipal property of the Odessa city Council. It is reported by the regional Prosecutor’s office, reports the local Duma edition.

As it became known, there are investigators of the SBU and Prosecutor General’s office. They seized documents relating to the renting and sale of municipal property in Odessa.

“Criminal proceedings, within which the seizure is connected with the former Deputy mayor Vyacheslav Chandrika,” said one of the prosecutors, adding that the searches held in the homes of the heads of the Department.

It was also revealed that investigative activities are not only in the Department of communal property, but in some offices the main building of the city hall in Duma square.

In particular, the staff of SBU and Prosecutor General’s office raided the head and home to the first Vice-the mayor Anatoly Orlovsky and construction Vice-mayor Peter Ryabokon.

The publication believes that investigations can be conducted in several industries and for the disposal of communal property, and of the tragedy in Victoria.

Earlier it was reported that the Prosecutor General’s office and the SBU searched Ukrzaliznytsya.

Later, the searches took place in the Ministry.