In the Odessa region a new species of spiders

В Одесской области появился новый вид пауков

Yellowmy stabbing spider

Sometimes spiders cheiracanthium attacking the person. Their bite is not fatal, but very painful.

In the South of Odessa region settled new species of spiders – cheiracanthium, or yellowmy stabbing the spider (lat. Cheiracanthium punctorium). This was announced by the scientist and ecoactivist, doctor of biological Sciences Ivan Rusev on his page in Facebook on Tuesday, September 11.

According to him, initially the range of this spider covered the subtropics of the Mediterranean, Small, Anterior and Central Asia, but in recent decades due to global warming it has expanded greatly.

Now cheiracanthium found in many places, Odessa, Kirovograd, Dnipropetrovsk and Zaporizhia regions of Ukraine.

Spiders reach a length of 15 mm. Hunt at night. Usually hiding in the leaves of herbaceous plants, rolled into a tube.

Sometimes these spiders attack people. Their bite is not fatal, but very painful.

“After the bite in humans with acute allergic reactions raises the temperature starts to hurt not only the bite but also the whole body. Numb feet, increased nervousness and irritability. In severe cases, the symptoms pass after about ten days. Resting on the sea near the grass or working in the garden, we should not forget about elementary precautions,” said Rusev.

Earlier inodessa region woman came to the emergency room after a spider bite black widow on the shore of the estuary of AliBey. In Tatarbunar the hospital, which promptly brought the woman did not have the necessary serum.

It was also reported that Australia became the star of spider in the world from the family of ctenizidae. She was 43 years old.

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