In the Odessa region destroyed the French vineyards winemaker

В Одесской области уничтожили виноградники французского винодела

The unknown arrived at the farm on bulldozer.

In Odessa region unknown to the bulldozer destroyed the French vineyards winemaker Christoph Macarena that produces wine in Shabo.

“My wife called the police. Made the Protocol,” said Lekaren.

What happened, the winemaker connects with a desire unknown to redevelop the land under vines. According to him, the land is leased to shareholders since 2007, for 15 years.

“This raider operation in my area, because now it became profitable just to build up the vineyards,” said Lekaren.

He also noted that he again started to have problems with regulatory authorities.

“They destroy small producers and competition. I’m afraid that in a few weeks I can be at all without the vineyards and I have to leave,” said Lekaren.

Lakaren also appealed to the Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groisman to intervene in the situation.

“During his last stay in France, you personally committed to ensuring the security of French investments, which face the raiders. I ask you to interfere,” he said.

Recall that the French winemaker Christophe Lakaren more than 10 years living in the village Shabo. The plantation of vineyards which he cultivates, partly on his land and partially – leased in 2007 for leased land and land disputes continue.