In the Odessa region fell ill with measles one hundred parishioners of a house of worship

В Одесской области корью заболели сто прихожан молитвенного дома

In the Odessa region 116 children fell ill with measles

Almost all of the patients are children. When the disease is fixed inhabitants of different settlements that have come in contact with each other.

On the South of the Odessa region had measles, 119 members of one of the Protestant denominations who have attended the same house of worship. In this 116 patients are children, said on Thursday, February 14, the Duma.

The prayer house is located in the village of Shevchenkove, Kiliya district, but cases of measles were recorded by representatives of the same religious group in the village Nerushai tatarbunar district, the village Kotovka Belyaevsky district, and in Izmail. They all visited the house of prayer in Shevchenkovo and in contact with patients.

According to the publication, last week in Odessa region the incidence of measles rose by 15.4%, among children – 24%. Hospitalization rates have remained at the same level.

Earlier it was reported that in Ukraine more in measles than in all of Europe.

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