In the Odessa region, poachers attacked the staff of national Park

В Одесской области браконьеры напали на сотрудников нацпарка

The territory of the national Park Tuzlovsky limans

The employees of the National Park Tuzlovsky limans suffered from the actions of poachers, who illegally extracted the mullet.

National Park Tuzlovsky limans of Odessa region, poachers attacked the employees of the state security. On this September 21 announced in a Facebook acting Director of the national Park Irina vykhristyuk.

According to her, the Park workers were attacked by people who illegally mined mullet.

“The attack was illegal from the company Granit-2, which steal fish through illegal channel. The police just open production, but is not investigating. There were three guards Department of the Resort that actually protect criminal business”, − said vyhristjuk and stressed that the employees of the national Park were located exclusively on the territory entrusted to them.

Head of the national Park said that the attackers took the flashlight and tablet, and also tried to damage the car.

The incident is also reported in Facebook the ecologist Ivan Rusev.

“In the eyes of heavily armed guards was beaten by the state security service of the national Park, grabbed the camera and video. 40 poachers under the cover of border guards have confiscated tons of mullet from NPP Tuzlovsky limans . The national Park team immediately left for the hospital to take a beating. Thank God, all alive,” − he wrote.

In the Zaporozhye region caught EcoInspector-poacher

Earlier it was reported that on the coast of the Azov sea was thrown more than 60 dead sturgeon and two dolphins. The cause of death of animals were the actions of poachers.

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