In the Odessa region Prosecutor-the bribe taker brought the police to cache of weapons

В Одесской области прокурор-взяточник вывел полицию на тайник с оружием

Seized the money from the Prosecutor

In regional management of the SBU believe that the ammunition could have come from the area of Operation of the joint forces.

In Odessa region law enforcement detained on a bribe in 10 thousand dollars of the Prosecutor of Belgorod-Dniester the local Prosecutor’s office, who eventually led the police on a cache with a large number of weapons. It is reported to the Duma on Monday, April 8.

The Prosecutor of Odessa region Oleg Zhuchenko told at the briefing that the detainee, the Prosecutor covered the gang of apartment scams and did everything possible to make them released.

“Nine out of ten gang members are in custody, the leader, was released on Amnesty in 2014 – said Zhuchenko. – The detainee for a bribe helped remaining behind bars to be released and to return the confiscated property and funds. Field investigators managed to enter the warehouse of weapons that the gang members wanted to move”.

In the rooms belonging to the members of the gang, found 12 grenades f-1, 17 RGD-5 grenades, TNT bombs, seven rocket-propelled grenades RGD-22, eight TNT blocks, electric detonators, grenade launchers, etc.

The head of Department of SBU in Odessa region Alexander Dovzhenko added that, most likely, the ammunition received from the zone of Operations of the joint forces.

“All the oil, feeling that only of the boxes, the General said. – In the near future we will establish where he went. Most likely, this area is OOS, there it is easier to make”.

Earlier, the SBU detained in Lviv, Director of the municipal enterprise. He extorted 4.7 million hryvnias from the businessman for the recognition its winner of an open tender and the signing of the contract of supplies of lime with subsequent falsification of accounting records.

And in Zhytomyr region, the head of the village Council was detained on a bribe of nearly one million hryvnias from the local farmer.

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