In the Odessa region recorded a gas leak due to damage on the main pipeline

В Одесской обл. зафиксирована утечка газа из-за повреждения на магистральном газогоне

In Odessa region on the border section of one of the main gas pipelines of the Balkan area discovered a crack in the body of the pipe that caused the gas leak. About it reports a press-service of “Naftogaz Ukraine”.

The damaged section was replaced with new pipe.

The company assured that now the Ukrainian gas transport system is operating normally, and the transit of natural gas to Moldova and the Balkan countries is carried out promptly and in full.

According to preliminary estimates, for the work it can take up to 8 days. Fire work is scheduled to begin on Tuesday.

“During these works will be reduced output pressure in the gas transport system of Ukraine to the Balkans, reported to the contractors and the operators of the GTS adjacent countries”, – stated in the message.

The pipeline is in the vicinity of the state border, and repairs will need to cut the pipeline with a length of 12 km, using the linear valve, which is located on the territory of Moldova.

“Naftogaz” assures that the situation poses no risk to inhabitants of surrounding settlements.

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