In the Odessa region, two people died from the fumes of fermenting wine

В Одесской области двое людей погибли от паров брожения вина

Rescuers from the deep cellar rendered dead

The bodies of two people without signs of life discovered in the cellar of the private sector. They were carried by rescuers in respirators.

In the village of Mar’ianivka Big the Odessa region, two people in the cellar of a private house poisoned wine pairs. On Friday, October 5, reports a press-service gschs in Odessa region.

It is noted that the information in the rescue service about the discovery of people without life signs arrived yesterday.

Workers of gschs in devices of protection of respiratory organs and sight went down to the cellar and stretchers carried the bodies of two dead and handed over to the police.

The presumed cause of death – poisoning of the fermentation of wine.

We will remind, in Iran, nearly 300 people were poisoned by alcohol, killed at least 24 people.

Earlier in Kiev the drunk teacher fell from the third floor.


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