In the Odessa region when the grenade explosion killed a man

В Одесской области при взрыве гранаты погиб мужчина

Currently, the scene works investigative team

Brother of the deceased were injured. At the scene works investigative team.

In one of the villages Zakharovskaya district of Odessa region from-for grenade explosion the man was lost, one more got wounds. The incident occurred today, March 16, around 10:00, said the regional police.

The victims were two brothers 28 and 31 years. The wounded said that the explosion happened at a time when his brother was “playing” with a grenade.

At the scene works investigative team. “During the inspection of the seized grenade that exploded. In addition, the household discovered the intact RGD-5 grenade, as well as items like shells and TNT. For their inspection and seizure police await bomb experts”, – told the police.

Also militiamen establish where the locals come from dangerous objects and circumstances of the event.

Earlier in Chuguev, Kharkov region occurred explosion of a grenade, which got fragmental wounds of a 46-year-old woman and her 26-year-old son.


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