In the office of the head of the RRT found the wire

В кабинете главы ГБР нашли прослушку

The novel Pipe said listening equipment was mounted in a ventilation system. He attributes this to the investigation of resonant Affairs.

In the office of the Director of the state Bureau of investigation of the Novel Pipe found the bug. This was reported in Telegram channel of the Pipe on Saturday, September 21.

“In my office discovered the instrument to listen to, which has been professionally mounted in a ventilation system. Experts worked. Is “the wire” in one place or in several – find out, how and to whom she will lead,” said Pipe.

At the place of work investigative team, in particular, specialists and experts on cyber security.

“For example, I wonder whether this is due to the desire of some politicians periodically to come to my office with indignation at the opening of productions in which they appear. On records there is nothing interesting about me can not be, but the state of the facilities, which we discussed with the investigators, Yes. In particular, resonance”, – stated in the message.

В кабинете главы ГБР нашли прослушку



We will remind that at session of the Verkhovna Rada on 10 September for the bill repealing “amendments Lozovoy” and allowing NAB and GBU to listen to the people who voted 297 deputies.

But the second reading of the bill is not supported. For this, according to media reports, “servants of the people” staged a “spanking” for a failed law.

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