In the Palace of the Emperor Nero found the secret room

Во дворце императора Нерона обнаружили тайную комнату

The room has remained untouched and well preserved

The find was made during the restoration of one of the halls of the Palace when archaeologists stumbled upon a hole in the ceiling.

Italian archaeologists during the restoration of the Palace of the Roman Emperor Nero discovered a secret room. This writes CNN.

According to the publication, the researchers initially came across the hole in the ceiling in one of the halls of the Palace, and then found the room.

In a room with a vaulted ceiling height of 4.5 metres with frescoed walls. The room was left untouched for 2 thousand years, due to what is well preserved.

Во дворце императора Нерона обнаружили тайную комнату

Photo: Ufficio Stampa Parco Archeologico Del Colosseo

Currently, the archaeologists continue to work on strengthening the ceilings of the Palace and restoration of images preserved there. They fear that the underground halls due to the severity strata of the earth above them can be buried with an ancient heritage.

Earlier it was reported that archaeologists in India have uncovered an ancient tomb, where four thousand years.

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