In the Parliament believe that the new version of the law on electronic Declaration will be adopted at the next plenary week

В Раде считают, что новая редакция закона об электронном декларировании будет принята на следующей пленарной неделе

The leaders of faction “Block of Petro Poroshenko” (BPP) and “popular front” Yury Lutsenko and Maxim Burbak predict that harmonized with the European side version of the law on electronic Declaration will be adopted at the next plenary week the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (VRU). He announced this at a joint press briefing with the leaders of factions in Brussels, reports “Interfax-Ukraine”.

“The problem is that the law was passed by the last Parliament in the last days of its existence and looked quite populist, had no specific mechanisms for implementation. Now the Parliament has clarified its position, but still has not reached optimum quality. It seems our European partners, many deputies, including from our group, he has narrowed the circle of people who should submit these declarations,” – said Lutsenko.

“It seems to me that this debate will be over for the third time… the law is realistic and European in the depth of its use. I think it will happen in the first days of the next plenary week the Verkhovna Rada”, – said the leader of the BPP.

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In turn Burbak noted that we are currently negotiating with the European side of the new law.

“I am confident that the next plenary week, we will reach a common position, and we are ready to support him”, – said the leader of “Popular front”.

We will note, according to the calendar plan of work of the Verkhovna Rada next plenary meeting will be held on March 15.

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Recall, 16 January the Verkhovna Rada 238 votes supported the bill, which introduces the Declaration of assets for public officials. The bill consisted of amendments to the law on State budget for 2016, which the norm is to postpone until January 1, 2017 start of operation of an electronic system for the submission and publication of the declarations of persons, but the Rapporteur has made several dozen amendments from the vote, so the Chairman anti-corruption Committee Yegor Sobolev called on not to vote for this bill in the final version, and adopt on first reading, until February 18 to make changes, but the bill was adopted in entirety.

In the EU representative office in Ukraine said that the law was disappointing and does not meet the commitments of the Ukrainian leadership in the fight against corruption, and should immediately take measures to establish an effective system of declarations of income and ensure the normal operation of the National Agency on corruption prevention.