In the Parliament responded to the appeal of impeachment

В Раде ответили на обращение об импичменте

In the Parliament, commented on the appeal of impeachment of the President

In the letter to Yulia Tymoshenko there is no legal justification for the establishment of the FAC, reported to the office Happy.

First Deputy chief of staff, managing Department of the Verkhovna Rada Petr Bodnar signed statement of the office of lying about the situation around the forms of signature sheets for collection of signatures for the impeachment of the President and the creation of VSK concerning investigation of misappropriation of funds in the defense sector. This is stated on the official Council website.

The text of the statement that “on February 26 at the leadership of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine received a letter containing the notice of intent to initiate a question on dismissal of the President of Ukraine from office by impeachment and the establishment of appropriate special temporary investigative Commission, and therefore was required immediately to ensure the production of signature sheets to collect signatures of the required number of people’s deputies of Ukraine”.

“This letter was submitted to study and analysis of the relevant structural subdivision of the staff”, – is spoken in the message.

Thus, according to Bodnar, “on the employees in the units lie was made a political pressure and they were forced under this pressure to issue forms of subscription lists.”

Bodnar noted that “lying to the regulations provides that a written submission on the initiation raised in the letter subject should contain, in particular, the legal justification for the establishment of the FAC, and therefore, in the context of article 111 of the Constitution, in the actions of the President of Ukraine of the offense that was absent in the text of the letter that came in the machine.”

“In such a situation, issued under pressure forms signature sheets are illegitimate, cannot be valid and is canceled,” he added.

Earlier it was reported that the presidential candidate from the party Batkivshchyna Yulia Tymoshenko said impeachment Poroshenko. Inicijativu impeachment of the incumbent President, the leader of Batkivshchyna also support other factions.


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