In the Parliament supported the bill on “Porto-Franco” in the Odessa region

В Раде поддержали законопроект о "порто-франко" в Одесском регионе

At the round table in the Verkhovna Rada MPs and experts supported the bill on “Porto-Franco” in the Odessa region

MPs and experts believe that the regime is “Porto-Franco” will enhance economic growth in the region.

In the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine held a round table during which the participants expressed support for the bill on creation in the Odessa region mode “Porto-Franco”.

MPs and experts believe that the regime is “Porto-Franco” will enhance economic growth in the region and increase the possibilities of the regional budget to support social programs.

According to the panelists, “Porto-Franco” will create new conditions for investment in the Odessa oblast.

The people’s deputies Sergey Kivalov, Anton Kisse, Nikolay Skorik, Alexander Presman and Vadim Rabinovich has registered a draft law on the establishment of a zone “Porto-Franco” in the Odessa region. Alexander Presman believes that free economic zone will help to overcome corruption in Odessa.

“Today the main element of corruption is in the hands of customs officers, tax inspectors, people who in one way or another dependent on the movement of goods. It seems to me that with such a law and if you have an active free zone, all these people will simply cease to be needed, they will simply cease to take bribes and thus, I believe that this is one of the trump cards that will help to eradicate corruption at the Odessa customs”, – said the MP.

Commenting on the initiative to set up a SEZ, the people’s Deputy Anton Kisse said that the idea has nothing to do with separatism. “While we will have something to build while we will change the Cabinet of Ministers and to pull the ropes, we should go on a non-standard way, which is prescribed in our history, the history of Odessa – port”, – said the MP.

Verkhovna Rada Deputy from the “people’s Will” Sergei Labatut believes that “Porto-Franco” definitely will attract additional funds in the form of investments “and not only in Odessa region but also in whole Ukraine.” He stressed that the bill Rabinowitz and other MPs for “Porto-Franco” should be taken.

The people’s Deputy of Ukraine of V and VI convocations Yulia Kovalevska was during the roundtable said that the Parliament had already been filed about 15 bills on the establishment of free economic zones, among which one of the most promising bills is a “Porto-Franco”.

The round table also discussed projects on creation of free economic zones in other regions of Ukraine.