In the Parliament supported the creation of the Gagauz autonomy in the Odessa region

В Раде поддержали создание гагаузской автономии в Одесской области

The parliamentary Committee believes that the national minorities in Ukraine it is necessary to give autonomy

People’s deputies supported the amendments to the Constitution on the rights of peoples to territorial autonomy.

Three deputies of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on human rights, national minorities and interethnic relations expressed support for amendments to the Constitution on the rights of peoples to territorial autonomy.

First Deputy Chairman of the Committee Valery Patskan said: “I’m for that we had no primigenia one or the other nation. There are villages where there are 5-10 of national minorities. There are villages where each culture of these minorities are represented. And Muslims, Catholics and Greek-Catholics and Orthodox normally live, get married, have children. We want all to live together peacefully in this territory,” – said Patskan, stressing that there are indigenous peoples in Ukraine, seeking Autonomous status.

At the same time, the people’s Deputy Vitaly Kurilo supports the granting of Autonomous status to the Gagauz people, which can be considered as the subject of the status of autonomy. “We have, if we take the Charter of the national minorities, it is just designed for those nationalities that have a threat of extinction. And if you review the Charter, it has spread to such Nations as Gagauz, Crimean Tatars, who were then the indigenous nationalities and minorities. Should look at the Charter and maybe make some changes for these people. You just have to enter it where it is needed and to specific people”, – concluded the Smoking.

The opinion of Smoking and supported the people’s Deputy from the Radical party Igor Popov.

We will remind, on may 18, the anniversary of deportation of Crimean Tatars, Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko said that will initiate amendments to the Constitution regarding the establishment of a national autonomy of Crimean Tatars.