In the PF are confident that the GPU has pressured the MPs who could support the bill on the Prosecutor General

В НФ уверены, что ГПУ надавила на депутатов, которые могли бы поддержать законопроект по генпрокурору

The people’s Deputy from “Popular front” Igor Lapin’m sure by the Prosecutor General of Ukraine was pressure on the MPs who could vote for the law on the public Prosecutor. About the MP said in the “Evening Thursday in the evening” on TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

“Today we saw a crazy GPU resistance against the “new blood”, as they say, in its ranks. We saw a lot of pressure, I’m sure there was pressure on the MPs who could vote, but knowing that maybe they have there something not quite right in the pedigree could be such a moment. That is, the crazy pressure of the Prosecutor General’s office against the introduction into its ranks of new people. Another factor, which, I think, could be that there were voices in the hall under the bill, looks at the potential candidacy of Yuriy Lutsenko, but many have said, why are going to clear the rascals prosecutors and put in their place colleagues Yuri Lutsenko, and among them there are a lot of scumbag police officers,” said Lapin.

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We will remind, today the Verkhovna Rada refused to include in agenda the draft law No. 4469, which regulates, inter alia, the appointment of a new Prosecutor General. The decision to appoint the attorney General, likely, was postponed to may 10.

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