In the plane flying from the Crimea, depressurization

В самолете, летевшем из Крыма, произошла разгерметизация

Boeing 737 airline Yakutia

The Boeing 737 made estreou landing at the airport of Rostov-on-don.

A passenger Boeing 737, took off from annexed Crimea to Moscow urgently landed in Rostov-on-don due to the depressurization of the cabin. It is reported by Interfax, citing emergency services.

“The commander of the aircraft Boeing 737-800 Yakutia airlines, EN route from Simferopol to Vnukovo airport, during the flight over Krasnodar region reported problems on Board and requested an emergency landing,” said the source.

He said that according to the revised data, in-flight depressurization of the cabin, wherein the automatic feed system of oxygen, using individual masks.

“During the landing the passengers were able to use oxygen masks, but the situation did not threaten the safety of passengers. No one was hurt. The plane safely landed at the Rostov airport”, – says the source.

As reported Корреспондент.netthis week in the Crimea, a flock of birds attacked a passenger aircraft of the airline Ural airlines. Was damaged the nose cone of the liner.