In the Poltava region, the police attacked with knives and pitchforks

В Полтавской области на полицию напали с ножами и вилами

Police officers were stabbed

Law enforcement officers were stabbed. On arriving in support of the chief of the police Department attacked with a pitchfork. He was shot from a traumatic gun.

In the village of Kotelva in Poltava region, two brothers with knives, pitchforks and the dog attacked the police that arrived on scene. On Friday, October 5, the press service of the Channel region.

The evening of October 4 the police arrived on a call of a local resident, who said a domestic incident with the roommate and his brother.

The police tried to settle the conflict peacefully. However, they were attacked by quarrel – two brothers previously convicted. In the attack the patrol was stabbed. One of the officers fired warning shots into the ground.

At the time of arrival at a place is investigative-task force the attackers closed in the house. The police tried to convince the men to stop illegal actions. Instead, the brothers left the house, armed with pitchforks and a shovel, and set on law enforcement, the German shepherd. The police were forced to neutralize the animal, using organic firearms.

One of the men with a pitchfork lashed out at the chief Kotelevsky police Department also arrived on the scene. In response, the Colonel of police has used the traumatic weapon, having shots on the feet of men.

“The injured policemen with injuries Kotelevskaya was taken to the Central regional hospital. The two assailants 1968 and 1971 year of birth was detained”, – is spoken in the message.

In the house of malefactors the police found a pistol with ammunition, an unregistered shotgun, a replica f-1 grenades, about 100 grams of poppy straws, 300 grams of gunpowder, 66 ammunition during the Second world war of a different caliber and knives.


We will remind, in Ternopol MP-disabled beat two policemen. Law enforcement was caused by the attackers.

Earlier in Slavyansk woman brought to the police the bag of weapons.


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