In the port of Chernomorsk discovered “radiation” fertilizer

В порту Черноморска обнаружили "радиационные" удобрения

The Commission checks the information about “dirty” nitrate

Ecologists have found that nitrate, which was shipped in the port, many times exceeds the permissible limits of background radiation.

In the black sea port shipped unsafe nitrate in big bags. This was reported in the Facebook port.

Ecologists have established that this type of cargo many times (more than 60 micro-roentgen), the permissible limits of background radiation. While considered a safe level of radiation to a value of approximately 0.5 micro sievert per hour (up to 50 micro-roentgen per hour). To 0.2 microsievert per hour (corresponding to values of up to 20 micro-roentgen per hour) – this is the most secure level of external exposure of the human body when “the radiation background is normal”.

The staff of a Specialized complex for processing the ore port, have written a collective appeal to the head, as well as all trade unions with the requirement to ensure their safety in the workplace.

As the Chairman of the trade Union of workers of sea transport Sergey Bryzgalov, currently works Commission verifies this information.

Recall that in late March in the port of Chernomorsk exploded capacity with grain, resulting in burns to the face got a welder.


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