In the PPB confirmed the signing Poroshenko’s decree on deprivation of citizenship Artemenko

В БПП подтверждают подписание Порошенко указа о лишении гражданства Артеменко

The People’s Deputy Andriy Artemenko

According to the presidential decree of the people’s Deputy Andriy Artemenko, which is “famous” own plan of action regarding Crimea and the Donbass transferred to US officials, stripped of his citizenship. About it reported on air of “112 Ukraine” Oleksiy Goncharenko, people’s Deputy (PPB).

“As far as I know, such a decree was actually signed, it is fully consistent with the Constitution. According to the Constitution, the President issues decrees on citizenship, we have also clearly spelled out in the Constitution that Ukraine is one nationality may be. If the person has another nationality, it is a direct reason for signing such decree.When the MP is the bearer of a passport of another country, it is a direct absurdity and a threat to national security. This issue is very serious, because the President decided against Artemenko,” – said Goncharenko.

The MP said that in fact Artemenko at the moment is not the people’s Deputy of Ukraine, because “under the Constitution, grounds for termination of powers of people’s Deputy is his death or termination of citizenship of Ukraine”.

В БПП подтверждают подписание Порошенко указа о лишении гражданства Артеменко
В БПП подтверждают подписание Порошенко указа о лишении гражданства Артеменко

В БПП подтверждают подписание Порошенко указа о лишении гражданства Артеменко

Earlier people’s Deputy Andriy Artemenko called unfounded the possible deprivation of his citizenship of Ukraine and will appeal against it in the case of confirmation of information.

As reported, people’s Deputy Oleg Lyashko said that the President Petro Poroshenko on Saturday, April 29, signed a decree on the termination of citizenship of the people’s Deputy Andrey Artemenko.

We will remind, earlier people’s Deputy Andrey Artemenko said that gave former US presidential Advisor Donald trump, Michael Flynn plan to resolve the situation in Ukraine. The plan envisages, in particular, removal on a referendum of the question of the transfer of Crimea is leased by Russia, control of Ukraine on uncontrolled part of the border in the East, the establishment of a Fund for the restoration of Donbass, and then the lifting of sanctions against Russia. This was reported by The New York Times.

In addition, Artemenko has allegedly provided evidence of corrupt activities of the President of Petro Poroshenko, which included the names of the companies and Bank transfers. In his opinion, it should help to shift Poroshenko from his post and to bring to power in Kiev the new government is not as hostile towards Russia. Reaction to “the plan Artemenko” in Ukraine was immediate: he was expelled from the faction of RPL, and the proposed initiative is condemned both in Parliament and in society. The ARC Prosecutor’s office opened on this fact criminal proceedings, and Artemenko even have time to question as a witness. In the Administration of the President of Ukraine “plan Artemenko” called fake and said that the territory does not trade; the Minister of foreign Affairs Pavlo Klimkin has designated it as a conscious surrender of the Crimea, and the Kremlin said that on this plan I know nothing.

Earlier the public Prosecutor of Ukraine Yury Lutsenko showed the copy of canadian passport non-faction MP Andrey Artemenko. This occurred on 15 March after a meeting of the Committee on legislative support of law enforcement. Artemenko does not deny that he has a canadian passport. The GPU confirmed the information about the request to Avakov to initiate the procedure of deprivation of citizenship of Ukraine, people’s Deputy Artemenko.

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