In the PPB faction made for an objective investigation of the case on may 2, and the peaceful holding of the commemorative events

People’s deputies from the presidential faction BPP Alexander Spivakovsky, Alexander Dombrovsky, Mykola Palamarchuk and Andrey Shinkevich unanimously stated the necessity of conducting a fair investigation of the tragedy on may 2 in Odessa, the newspaper reports

According to deputies, the customers mass murders are now at a high and “very high” positions, so the investigation stalled. Parliamentarians also stressed the importance of respecting the rule of law on the peaceful rally, which will take place on may 2, 2016.

“It is a tragedy not only of Odessa and the whole Ukraine”, – said the people’s Deputy Alexander Spivakovsky. According to him, if we will not open the mysteries of the deaths of our people, then it is very difficult to talk about the future of our country. Moreover, according to Spivakovsky, not to allow provocations on the day of mourning.

“I would really like to see the results of the investigation to the Ukrainians saw the public trials,” said MP Oleksandr Dombrovsky. The Deputy is sure that the state should provide conditions so that everyone felt protected and safe. However, Dombrowski stressed that “the efficiency of the work of this law enforcement system is very low”.

“Ukrainians should know the truth and the guilty people should be punished”, – said the people’s Deputy Nikolay Palamarchuk. According to him, in this case there are interested people who specifically inhibit the investigation. “But even so, the public should know the truth” – said Palamarchuk.

Another MP from the PPO Andrey Shinkevich speaks openly about stakeholders. “Everything is hidden by the security forces. They have complete operational information, but do not want to share her,” said Sinkovich. “Keep silent, because now are at a very high official posts,” he said. According to Sinkovich, murderers of Odessa on may 2, will not appear before the court, “because we live in Ukraine, and we have to look at things realistically”.

Deputies of the ruling party believe that without a fair and open investigation into the mass murder of inhabitants of Odessa “Ukraine will not be able to sleep peacefully”. Also, emphasize the people’s representatives, not to allow provocations on the day of mourning on the Kulikovo field, where citizens from across the city will come to honor the memory of the victims of this tragedy.

We will note, on may 2 in Odessa law enforcement officers will be drawn from all regions of the country in order to prevent any provocations. As stated in the PA, any signs of provocations will be severely suppressed, as well as attempts to destabilize the situation in the city.