In the PPO considered that the court cancels the appointment of the Prime Minister Groysman

В БПП считают, что ВАСУ не отменит назначение Гройсмана премьером

In the PPO considered that the Supreme administrative court (Vasu) won’t cancel the appointment of Vladimir Groisman as Prime Minister. About this on air of the “Prime Evening” on TV channel “112 Ukraine” said the MP from the PPO Arkady Kornatsky.

According to him, any violations in the voting for the Prime Minister and the government was not.

“There were no violations, and I explain very clearly why. Because the legislation that we have in Ukraine, it is virtually impossible to break, it all unconstitutional in large part… It’s just a matter of your interpretation. There were no Constitution, there existed rules of the Parliament, and anything administrative court will not cancel, because no violation was not there,” said he.

Recall that the Radical party of Oleh Liashko has filed a lawsuit in the Supreme administrative court about recognition unconstitutional the vote of the Parliament on the appointment of Volodymyr Groysman, Prime Minister of Ukraine. Earlier in the Radical party said it will support the initiative regarding treatment in the CCU on the ballot for the Groisman.

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It was also reported that the faction “Batkivshchyna” appeals to the constitutional court of Ukraine (CCU) regarding the voting for the Prime Minister and the government.

Note that during the voting for Prime Minister factions of the coalition “people’s front” and the PPO gave 206 votes. Radical party and “Samopomich” has drawn attention to the fact that it is inconsistent with the Constitution because, according to the Basic law, to support the Prime Minister have 226 deputies of the coalition.