In the process of functioning of system of e-Declaration discovered two kinds of problems, Korczak

В процессе функционирования системы е-декларирования обнаружены проблемы двух типов, - Корчак

The head of the NACP Natalia Korchak

During operation of the electronic Declaration system detected two kinds of problems: software and technical nature of the system. This statement was made head of the NACP Natalia Korchak during a briefing in Kiev, which was broadcast “112 Ukraine”.

“In the operation of e-Declaration has found a number of problems that can be divided into software problems and technical problems of functioning of the system,” she said.

While Korczak emphasized that the error correction is planned for early next year. “Since we signed the contract for the system administration of the register of declarations with the state enterprise (Cases), all the comments we will give for revision to improve e-customs Declaration. The effectiveness of the system of e-Declaration will depend on whether the system communication with external databases. Today, the system exists as a basket, collects and publishes information. NACP has actively pursued negotiations with the holders of the respective registers, and we have access to registers. But the system does not yet have any automatic access in real time to these databases. Therefore, it will be the second stage of the development of e-Declaration. It is a complex system, we will be using starting next year,” she said.

According to Korczak, the development of the system necessary finances.

Earlier Korczak said that the validation e-returns can take a while, but not years.

We will remind, on October 31, the first stage of submission of electronic declarations for the subjects of declaring, who is responsible and very responsible position.