In the Quarter told about the reaction Zelensky in a room with the participation of the choir of the Rope

Artist Studio Quarter 95 Alexander Pikalov

The President said only one word after the participation of the famous choir in the Quarter in 95, which ridiculed the fire in the house of Valeria Gontareva.

The Studio Kvartal 95 Alexander Pikalov said the President Zelensky has responded to the scandal that erupted after the song of the burning of the house of the former head of the national Bank Valeria Gontareva. He told about it in the program Swfsc life.

According to Pikalov, the reaction of the President was short.

“I wrote to him: “so what?”. He said, “Sure”. And that’s all. It’s humor, it’s a joke. This is a joke, you need to look at it somehow easier. But it seems to me that if Vladimir A. today would not be President of the country, this number would come in, everyone would laugh and there would be no comments, no problems – nothing,” Pikalov said.

According to showman, now the block will have to be careful to write scripts about people who make fun comedians, after the scandal that broke out across the country.

“This is the problem of these people, but after this incident, probably, will do so not to harm anyone, because I had a go at the chorus of the Rope. They sing very nicely,” said Pikalov, noting that after the scandal worse to sing, they did not.

We will remind, during a concert Evening of the quarter artist Stepan Kazanin called the burning house Gontareva “spectacular event”, and then on stage to sing a song out of the singer from choir Rope and humorist Eugene Mishka. They sang a song Gorla hut, palala in London Inka cried at the birthday of Valeria Gontareva. After that, a major scandal erupted. In particular, the Director of the choir of the Rope, apologized for the participation of its artists in this show.


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