In the Rada will create a Commission to attacks on activists

В Раде создадут комиссию по нападениям на активистов

In the Parliament agreed to establish an interim investigation Commission to investigate attacks on activists

According to the draft resolution on creation of temporary Commission of inquiry, composed of parliamentarians 16.

The deputies agreed on the details of creating the temporary investigative Commission for investigation of information on the attack on Catherine Gandzyuk and other social activists. This was announced by the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Andrei Parubiy at the meeting of Parliament on Tuesday, November 6.

According to the draft of the resolution on VSK creation, who unveiled the people’s Deputy Olena Sotnyk (Samopomich), the Commission will include parliamentarians 16:

– BPP – Yuri Burlak, Valery Karpuntsov, Mustafa Nayem, Maksym Savrasov, Vasily Janicki;

– from the popular front Igor Alekseev, Sergei Vysotsky, Anton Gerashchenko;

– from the Opposition bloc Yuriy Pavlenko and Dmytro Shpenov;

– from Self-help – Olena Sotnyk;

– from the Fatherland – Igor Lutsenko;

from the group of the party of Revival – Andrey Shipko;

– from the will of the people – Eugene rybczynski;

– from faction Iryna Gerashchenko and Ostap Yednak.

Earlier, the Parliament called law enforcement authorities for a report in Parliament on the murder of Gandzyuk and investigation of attacks on civil society activists.


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