In the relations of Europe and Ukraine’s crisis began – the expert

В отношениях Европы и Украины начался кризис – эксперт

Donald Tusk, Poroshenko and Jean-Claude Juncker

Europe and the United States were given to understand that Ukraine’s time to start playing by the rules, the Director VISGRA.

Held in Kiev on 12-13 July 19th summit Ukraine-EU showed the crisis in Europe and Ukraine. So says Director of the Ukrainian Institute of global strategies of development and adaptation (WESGRO) Victor Levitsky.

The fact that not only Holland, but also the flagships of European policy — Germany and France — have questioned the European aspirations of Ukraine, especially against the background of accession on 1 September in the strength of the Association, is more than eloquent.

According to experts, the lack of a joint Declaration at the summit on further cooperation indicates a critical perception in Europe today, Ukraine’s course. “What’s very telling is that among the critics were the main European partners of our country in the Minsk process. This fact clearly indicates the dissatisfaction of France and Germany implementation of the Minsk agreements, which the Europeans demonstrate Russia through sanctions, and our country is hindering its financial support and calling into question European integration aspirations,” notes Levitsky.

The expert also recalled that from Europe, and more recently the USA, critical voices are heard, indicating that under the guise of confrontation in a hybrid war, the Ukrainian government significantly restricts freedom of speech and encourages the growth of corruption in the country. In particular, says Levitsky, in this vein should be seen unfolding scandal surrounding the intervention of Ukraine in the elections.

“These trends show that the credit of trust given to Ukraine three years ago, exhausted, and with it the ability to write off failures in foreign and domestic policy on force majeure. Europe and the United States make it plain that the time for words and promises has passed, but the time has come for real action,” – says the Director VISGRA.

Note, President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said he was satisfied with the results of the summit Ukraine-EU.