In the river, accidentally found the burial place during the Crimean war

В Днепре случайно нашли захоронение времен Крымской войны

The burial was discovered by the contractor land works

Burial Dating from around 1800 year.

In the river on 17 October during excavation on a street of Simferopol unearthed human remains. This was announced by the Deputy mayor of the Dnieper Mikhail Lysenko, reports

According to him, the contractor who has been issued a permit for the conduct of land operations near Sevastopol Park, discovered the burial during the Crimean war which in the city Council was unaware.

“We know about the graves on the territory of Sevastopolsky Park, but information about that burial is within a few metres, even on the road under the power line at KP, which gave permission for the work was not. Moreover, these burials are dated to 1800 years. Discovered remains are now retrieves city funeral service, they should be reburied,” – said Mikhail Lysenko.

At the moment on this street was carried out the dismantling of overhead transmission line and laying it underground.

We will remind, in Poltava during construction works in the city centre discovered a cemetery of several hectares.