In the river in the morning there was a fire at the hotel

В Днепре утром произошел пожар в гостинице

In the river this morning there was a fire at the hotel, located in the Central area of the city on St. Starokosatskiy. This was reported in the GU of Goschs in the Dnipropetrovsk region.

Information on incident arrived to rescuers at 10:00, the fire was located in the cable shaft on the 1 floor 5-storey building.

“To extinguish the fire were involved 7 personnel and 3 units of firefighting and rescue equipment. Thanks to prompt actions of rescuers the fire was localized at 10:37 and completely eliminated at 11:01,” – noted in the SES.

The cause of the fire is established.

As reported, in the river earlier, there was a fire in the school building, killing a man.