In the Rivne region, burned down a garage, killing two people

В Ровенской области сгорел гараж: погибли двое человек

The fire occurred at night

As a result of night fire in a private garage in Sarny killed a man and a woman. The cause of the accident is established.

In Sarny, Rivne region on fire in the garage killed two people. It is reported by the State service of Ukraine for emergency situations.

Information about the fire garage arrived to rescuers on may 12 at 3:26 am. On arrival at the place of call the employees of the SES found that the fire is completely covered cinder block garage in a wooden crate, covered with slate, measuring 5×8 meters in the area of 40 sq. m.

“The evidence was too late detection and the message on the fire. At the time of arrival of rescuers the roof of the garage collapsed. There was a threat of distribution of fire on a half-meter building houses. The quenching was filed extinguishing agents”, – noted in the SES.

According to the report, at 3:45 the fire managed to localize, and in 4:22 is completely eliminated.

During the analysis of structures on a fire place rescuers found the bodies of two victims: the owner of a garage in 1957 and another lost face (pre – female) installed. As a result of a fire fire destroyed the garage. The cause of the accident is established.

Earlier it was reported that in Odessa region year-old girl suffocated in a burning car. The child was playing with matches in the parent VAZ-2113. Her parents were home, but didn’t notice the missing daughter.

During a fire in the Sumy region killed two people

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