In the Rivne region came to blows priests

На Ровенщине подрались священники

In the Rivne region, there was a conflict between the priests

The cause of the conflict professional activity.

In the village Pouch Rivne region, the priest of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Vitaly bug attacked his colleague Alexander Tymoshchuk, knocking out his tooth. On Monday, August 28, reported Е

According to the victims of the attack Tymoshchuk, the incident occurred near the village school around 11:30.

“I came to school in the village Pouch because the mother works there. Was waiting for her in the car. The car was approached by a priest Vitaly bug. He was in a cassock and a cross on his chest. At first I didn’t understand what was happening. He started to beat me. Knocked my tooth out. Blood was sprayed on the interior of the car”, – he said.

Tymoshchuk believes that the reason for the fight was a professional activity.

“A priest during application strikes me, shouted that it was me for the baptism in his parish. Yes, I indeed baptize its members. In the same way as he is baptizing her in the territory of my parish,” said he.

It is noteworthy that the attacker belongs to the Moscow Patriarchate, and the victim – to Kiev.

На Ровенщине подрались священники



Recall that in the luck the priest beat up a photographer.