In the Rivne region from behind the temple was a mass brawl, 11 injured

В Ровенской области из-за храма произошла массовая драка, 11 пострадавших

60 people fight on religious grounds at the temple

On the basis of religion at the temple in the Rivne region came to blows 60 people, 11 were injured.

In the village of Malinska (Bereznovsky district, Rivne region) 60 people fight on religious grounds near the temple, 11 were injured. This is stated in the message of the Main Directorate of the National police in the Rivne region.

“The dispute outside the Church among nearly 60 people escalated into a fight during which injuries in form of bruises and abrasions received eleven local residents”, – is spoken in the message.

On this fact openly criminal proceedings 12.

Another incident between representatives of two religious communities in the village occurred on 3 September, on the Church grounds in the village of Malinska.

Reports of conflict with unknown persons cut the locks on the doors of the temple, trying to make out things and getting injuries by local residents, the police began to arrive in the morning.

The investigative team at the scene found that representatives of the parish Council of SS Peter and Paul parish of the diocese of Rivne of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine cut the locks on the front doors of the temple and got inside for worship.

This led to conflict between representatives of religious communities, relations between them deteriorated even in the spring of this year.

In the pre-trial investigation in criminal proceedings under article 356 of the Criminal code (arbitrariness) investigators Bereznovsky police seized documents that, according to representatives of SS Peter and Paul parish of the diocese of Rivne ptsu, confirm their ownership of the temple.

In addition, 11 facts caused intentional bodily harm information included in the Unified register of pre-trial investigation pre-qualification of part 1 of article 125 of the Criminal code. The investigation is continuing.

Earlier Epiphany assured that grips the temples of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate will not.

In Ternopil region there was a fight near the temple

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